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Hello everyone! Welcome to Ray Sobers Consulting. I'm a business and technology strategist with expertise in helping businesses leverage the latest technology to overcome hurdles and increase operational efficiency; while lowering cost. I’ve been helping companies add to their success stories for over 20 years, and genuinely love what I do. Let's connect and add to your success story!

Interesting Fact:

SMBs are almost as likely as large corporations to experience a data breach.

Are you using security best practices to protect your company? Many businesses fall to compromise due to simply being unaware of their security vulnerabilities. All it takes is one bad click and your company can easily be held hostage by ransomware or the like.


Business Consulting

Find a formula that works for growing your business. Start working smarter and realizing greater success!

Technology Consulting

Learn how to leverage the latest technology toward growing your business while adding systems security!

User Training

Help to secure your environment by ensuring that your users are properly trained on what to look out for.

A Few Of My Talents...

Business Process Reengineering

Operational Efficiency

Systems Security

Business Policy

Cloud Operations

Risk Assessment


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